Erindale Boundaries

North: Burnhamthorpe Road

South: QEW

West: the Credit River

East: Stavebank Rd, Mavis Road, CNR Rail

Schools in the Erindale Mississauga Community

Parents most often look for guidance as to the quality of education being provided at the area schools. In addition to speaking with the school principal(s) parents may wish to turn to a broad based survey that purports to provide some measure of the output performance of individual schools and/or observe the trend of the schools' performance over time.

To assist you with your querries regarding schooling, the following chart may prove helpful. Just click on either "Website" for specific information regarding a subject school, or "Ranking", for for the Fraser Institute Rating data for the school. "N/A" implies that the subject school, for whatever reason, declined to participate in the comparative rating system fostered by The Fraser Inst. or was not insurveyed because it is not a publicly financed school.

Public Elementary Websites Ranking
  Queenston Drive Website Rank
  Ellengale P. S. Website Rank
  Springfield P. S. Website Rank
  The Woodlands Website N/A
  McBride P. S. Website Rank
  Hawthorn P. S. Website Rank
Catholic Elementary    
  St. Gerard Website Rank
  John XXIII Website Rank
  St. Jerome Website Rank
Secondary - Public    
  The Woodlands Website Rank
Secondary Catholic    
  St. Martins Secondary Website Rank
  Froebel Education Centre Website N/A
  Springfield Preparatory Website N/A
  Meadow Green Academy Website N/A

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