Clarkson-Lorne Park is one of the oldest communities in Mississauga and while they share a border, the real estate available is quite different. Lorne Park is mainly filled with very expensive properties and known for its lavish multimillion dollar homes. Clarkson is a bit more of the classic older-style community where you can find much more affordable housing. Clarkson is not devoid of its multimillion dollar properties either, but it's not quite as glamourous overall. Both communities are absolutely great places to live for those that love parks, trails, and the water. It's a very active community and with the popular Port Credit right next door, there are tons and tons of entertainment options for the whole family.

I've spoken about the difference in school zones and it has to be said again. If you can find a property of similar value in Clarkson or Lorne Park, then go with Lorne Park. Both communities are great options but if your priority is schooling, Lorne Park can't be beat in Mississauga. 

The freehold homes in this community were constructed starting in the 1940's. Several builder/developers have been involved over the years, constructing homes and a community to meet the requirements of an affluent, upwardly mobile clientele. At the north eastern side of the survey sits the famous heritage golf club known as Mississauga Golf and Country Club.

The Boundaries of Clarkson Mississauga:

North: The Queen Elizabeth Way

South: Bromsgrove Road, Orr Road and Lake Ontario

West: Winston Churchill Blvd

East: Lorne Park Road

Schools in the Clarkson Community

If the choice of school is at all a significant factor in your choice of location, please insure that you check with the appropriate school board or school officials before committing to a home purchase.

A very important factor when deciding where to purchase one's home, is the choosing the schools for your children. In addition to type (public or Catholic), factors such as location and walkingdistance need to be considered.

Additionally parents look for guidance as to the quality of education being provided at the area schools. In addition to speaking with the school principal(s) parents may wish to turn to a broad based survey that purports to provide some measure of the output performance of individual schools and/or observe the trend of the schools' performance over time.

To assist you with your querries regarding schooling, the following chart may prove helpful. Just click on either "Website" for specific information regarding a subject school, or "Ranking", for for the Fraser Institute Rating data for the school. "N/A implies that the subject school, for whatever reason, declined to participate in the comparative rating system fostered by The Fraser Inst. or was not insurveyed because it is not a publicly financed school.

Public Elementary Websites Ranking
  Elmcrest P. S. Website N/A
  Willow Glen P. S. Website N/A
  Hillcrest Middle Website N/A
  Clarkson P. S. Website N/A
  Owenwood P. S. Website N/A
  Green Glade Sr. P. S. Website N/A
  Hillside Sr. P. S. Website N/A
Catholic Elementary    
  St. Helen Website N/A
  St. Christopher Website Ranking
  St. Sebastian Website Ranking
French Immersion    
  Ecole Horizon Jeunesse Website N/A
Secondary - Public    
  Clarkson Secondary Website Ranking
Secondary Catholic    
  Iona Secondary Website Ranking
  Peel Montesorri Website N/A


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